Youth Football – Improving the Stalk Block For Youth Receivers

More Detail on the Stalk Block

One of the more difficult blocks to master for receivers is the stalk block, but with some simple coaching points and drills, you can get your players to execute it fairly consistently. The stalk block is a block on a defensive back by a receiver or slot with the goal being to keep the defensive back out of the path of the ballcarrier. Some coaches just like to have the blocker shield the defender from the ball carrier, others like coach Ron Brown likes his kids to drive the defender after contact.

In youth football blocking in space is what separates the good teams from the great teams. The stalk block is often the difference between an 8 yard gain and a 25 yard gain. It is 70% attitude and commitment and 30% technique.

How It’s Done

The first step is to take the correct angle for the stalk block to make sure and gain leverage. If the defender is to the receivers outside shoulder, the receiver attacks the defenders inside shoulder. If the defender is to the receivers inside shoulder, he attacks the defenders outside shoulder. If the play is on the other side of the field, the receiver must take a shallow angle and attack the defenders inside shoulder.

Secondly the receiver needs to keep a 3 yard cushion with the defender as he runs his “route”. The receivers first steps have to be at full speed to get the defender to think pass first and to get the defender to backpedal. The longer you can keep that defender backpedaling the more distance you put between him and the ball carrier.

The Cushion Limit

Once the cushion between the receiver and the defender gets to be shorter than 3 yards, the receiver needs to slow down, gather himself and position himself to block the defender. He should lower his butt, keep his knees bent and be ready to move to either side with his feet moving. Some people call this buzzing the feet, what this does is makes sure the receiver has his feet moving to insure he is able to engage the defender.

Make the defender come to the receiver and commit to a direction. At แทงบอลออนไลน์ this point the receiver can use whatever blocking technique your offense is committed to in space. Some prefer the receiver to contact with hands and release, reposition contact and release, others are just looking for a “pick” type block, they just want the receiver to get in the way. We like our receivers to maintain contact once they have engaged the defender. We don’t look for him to drive the defender downfield, but we do expect him to stay engaged with a both hands and a bit of the shoulders, making sure not to get outflanked.