Bad Youth Football Practices – Coaching Youth Football

It does not matter how organized you are while coaching your youth football team there are going to be days when everything seems to go wrong.

Sometimes right from the beginning of your youth football practice things will not go as according to plan. One of he sure signs that the practice is not going to be productive is unexcused absents. You may have it scheduled to work on a specific play or scheme and the player you need does not show up. If you are coaching a youth football team with fewer than 20 players it is hard enough to run plays but when a few kids miss your practice options become limited.

There will also be times where it feels like “there is something in the air” and the practice just sucks. You and your coaches are ready to go but the kids just have an off day. I am not talking about an off day because the players are screwing around, I cover how to handle that in the next topic, but just a day where all the players are missing tackles. The players are brain dead as you add a new youth football or a variety of other bad signs.

As long as this is an exception and not the rule, I tend to turn the balance of the practice into a drill or something FUN that the kids will enjoy.

I find when coaching youth football that by turning a bad experience into aยูฟ่าเบท fun one the kids respond well and come back strong the next practice.